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Lhasa Apso grooming

Lhasa Apso are beautiful dogs with lush coats and winning personalities. However, their beauty comes with a price, their long coats require a lot of regular and detailed grooming. But the effort you will have to put in will be adequately rewarding every time you take a look at this little factory of delights. If you do this often enough while your dog is still a puppy, after a while he will get used to it and stop giving you a difficult time when you try to make him get into a bath.

You should start their grooming sessions with carefully brushing their fur and untangling mats. In order to do this as easily as is possible you should first spray your dog’s coat with a conditioner or an aniti-static detangler. Next, you should proceed to gently stroke the fur with your fingers and locate all the tangled hairs. Even if your dog has been groomed recently, the chances are good that you will find quite a lot of them. Try to carefully untie such hair with your fingers. You can cut them off with scissors only if you determine that they are beyond salvation, but be careful not to do this too often or it might make your pet’s coat look splotchy and extremely unattractive. Once you’ve done this as thoroughly as possible, you can gently brush the fur with a pin brush, taking good care not to pull too hard in case that there are still some mats left, as catching them with a brush could really hurt your dog.

Now it is time to bathe your dog. First you should make sure that he is soaked to the skin. Once hi is, pour the shampoo over his back and let it cover the whole dog. You don’t need to massage the shampoo in its fur, just applying it through pouring will get the job done. You can leave the shampoo in for a minute or two and then rinse it out. Make sure to get all of it out, as any traces of it that are left might irritate your dog’s skin and even cause allergic reactions. Dry your pet, first with a towel and then with a blow dryer, just make sure that it is set on a low temperature as otherwise you might both cause your dog serious discomfort and damage his fur.

After this you’ll want to clip his nails. If you’ve never done this before you might want to leave it to a professional, or be extremely careful. If you cut too deep you might cause bleeding, you should always have some clotting agent handy, just in case this happens. Once you’re done with the nails trim the excess hair between his pads. This can be tricky and you should take very good care that you don’t accidentally hurt his feet.

Don’t forget to check you Lhasa Apso’s ear for hair, wax buildup or even parasites. If you find anything in there carefully remove it. Do all of this often enough and it will get easier every time, both for you and for your pet.

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